We check off one of the top items on our retirement bucket list with this 1,900 mile road trip to the Grand Canyon. We first drive to the North Rim and spend two days. The North Rim is less crowded, quieter and more secluded. Donna enjoys the Grand Canyon lodge patio where you can sit and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Then we go to the South Rim. Even though its only 10 miles across as the crow flies, we travel four and a half hours to the South Rim; there we find tourists from all over the world, traffic and very little quiet. Jay enjoys all the different lookouts and takes two hikes into the Canyon, one down Grandview Trail and the other to Ooh-Aah Point on the Kaibab trail. We spend three days visiting the South Rim. Of course, the photos and video displayed here cannot do a billion years of geological erosion justice. On several occasions I just gazed in awe at the spectacular vistas, reminding myself; hey, take a photo. 

On the way home we stay in Ouray Colorado, rent a jeep and travel into the back country to photograph the Aspen trees.